Paul Ryan silenced Republican talking about Putin paying Trump


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    More peach mint, please. 
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    If I'm a Dem running against a current Repub, every ad has voice actors reading parts of that transcript over film footage of a shirtless Putin on a horse coming over the US border. I would hammer them repeatedly with the hammer & sickle from July 4th until November. Split screen with Trump's sneering rebuke of the "fake news", "unfair press" inciting violence against those that disagree or oppose you and spoiled child hissy fit behavior.

    It couldn't happen to a better bunch.

  • Go BeaversGo Beavers Posts: 5,714
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    Yup. Constantly associate the republican in your district with trump so it becomes involuntary. A woman in my district just announced she's running against the establishment republican. She's legally blind, which would be a "pre-existing condition". Bam!
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    Party before Country. what a bunch of fucking assholes.
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    pjhawks said:
    Party before Country. what a bunch of fucking assholes.
    And the sun it may be shining . . . but there's an ocean in my eyes
  • With a $1.8 billion default looming, is it so far out of the realm of possibilities?
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