Sold- Pensacola 2012 Poster with bonus 2009 San Diego Poster

RKREKRKREK VirginiaPosts: 34
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Is anyone looking for the 2012 Pensacola poster? I received this and the 2009 San Diego poster in the Mystery Box sale a couple of years ago. They have been looked at once and have been in the poster tube since and I don't have any need for these two posters. $20 + postage will get you the Pensacola poster and the bonus San Diego poster (based on the look of this poster, don't really know how much of a bonus this is but it is already in the tube ;)).
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  • terrym08terrym08 Posts: 263
    which Pensacola, the alligator or the manatee?
  • RKREKRKREK VirginiaPosts: 34
    It's the manatee, not the more desirable alligator.
  • jpgoegeljpgoegel Posts: 57
    if you don't have a buyer already, i'll give him a shot. i buy posters for a facebook charity group, and even the most non-desirable ones are still appreciated by others. which SD one is it?
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