pedophilia and child trafficking



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    since Google is the flavor of the days...

     Friday, a group of more than 60 individuals and organizations committed to the protection of trafficking victims issued a statement expressing deep concern over the pervasive misinformation Big Tech supporters were offering. Among those criticizing Google for its hypocrisy was the National Center on Sexual Exploitation.

    “You would think a company whose motto is ‘don’t be evil’ would think twice before choosing the side of sex traffickers,” said Patrick Trueman, president of the National Center on Sexual Exploitation. “Google lobbyists are bombarding members of Congress with emails against passage of the only legislation that will dramatically decrease sex trafficking of girls, boys, and adults online. This is a case of Big Tech caring more about its bottom line than the victims of serial rape for profit.”

    (And these questions can be re-phrased and asked about 90% of what you asked)
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