FT Vinyl/2013 Philadelphia Poster for Vinyl

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I have these:
Vault 5 (Sealed, Mint)
2006 Fan Club Single - Love, Reign O'er Me (Never Played, Mint)
2007 Fan Club Single - Santa God (Cover has a wood burning smell, came from another user so not sure the source. Vinyl seems fine, I can play to verify if need be.)
2013 Philadelphia Poster
DMB Crash Splatter Version
Cash - To make up the difference.

I'm looking for the following Vinyl:
Lost Dogs
Vault 3
Ukulele Songs
1991 Fan Club Single - Let Me Sleep
1992 Fan Club Single - Who Killed Rudolph?

I intend on opening and playing, so an opened cared for version is probably preferred.

Edit: Added DMB Crash Splatter version, as Amazon came through with my pre-order so I have a dupe now.
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