SOLD - PJ20 Alpine Valley - Ames Bros Variant - SOLD

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  • Yes. Is it for sale, and if so how much?
  • what kinda question is that :lol:
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    I am just trying to get rid of this in the next 24hrs, to help for a plane ticket to seattle next month, and for PS4 this weekend. If it doesn't go by tonight, I will be putting back into my vault, as I don't really want to get rid of it, just need the money....

    So if you want this:


    SOLD $350 SOLD

    for the next 12-24hrs... then its goooone
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    That's a damn nice price...
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    If I wasn't buying a PS4 I would be all over this.
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  • Wow! That is an incredible price! Wish you had posted this last week before I spent money elsewhere. Good luck with what I assume will be a quick sale.
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  • only a few hours left, had interest, but still available
  • annnnnd its gone
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