Tuesday's show may actually turn out to be special...

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When the tour dates were first announced I immediately noticed they would be playing on the anniversary of their very first show. I thought 'huh...that's pretty cool. Maybe it will be really special'. But then reality set in and I realized that it's the 23 year anniversary. Maybe if it was the 20th or 25th. So I kind of just accepted the fact that it would most likely just be your 'average' amazing PJ show. But after seeing what this band has done night after night. The energy, the completely random and unexpected setlists. How they somehow keep raising the bar night after night. How they seem to be keeping an eye on this forum...we may very well get one for the books at Philly 2. We know Cornell will be in the area. We also know that out of the blue he mentioned in an interview last week that he's always wanted to do some TOTD shows. I know it's just speculation and wishful thinking on my part, but this band has managed to surprise me for 20+ years, but not like they have over the past few weeks. A new album that I find to be absolutely brilliant. It sounds nothing like a PJ record and yet everything like a PJ record. An intimate Q&A just for hardcore fans. 2 music videos. Allowing famous people to interview them instead of doing the usual press circuit. Licensing their songs for use in the world series. And then to top all that the live shows. No opening act. All at least 30 songs and over 2 hours with some of the most unique setlists in their entire career. Chances are it will just be another show, but the reality is that so far on this tour there hasn't been even one 'just another show' so far. So either way we all win. Thank you Pearl Jam. For everything. But especially for pushing yourselves and therefor pushing the boundaries so that we walk away from each show with the look of shock on our faces and the feeling of pure joy in our hearts
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    It will be an amazing concert, and has the making to be extra special, we will see. :)

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