FS Framed Eddie Vedder autograph picture (SOLD)

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Here it is:


Some of you may remember this piece being sold by Paul for a friend of his last year. I bought it, but now I find myself needing the money for expenses related to my wife starting her new career, and needing to save, spend money on child care, and paying back student loans.

I am looking to get back what I spent on it, which was $400 plus shipping. I would prefer to ship this via UPS, and have them package it all up, so I assume shipping will be around $50. I would potentially trade this for the Harey Carey variant of the Ames Wrigley poster as well!

I would like payment via paypal as a gift, or if you would be able to cover the paypal fees, if you would prefer to not do the "friends and family" route.

Any questions, please PM me. Don't miss out on a chance to get a legit 90s autograph!!!
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    I have seen this picture and autograph in person and it is awesome.
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    Sweet pic!!
    Cant buy what i want cause its free....
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    PJ-Cubs" said:
    I have seen this picture and autograph in person and it is awesome.
    Thanks Jason!
  • ahill721ahill721 Posts: 2,059
    I will be more then happy to send more pictures to anyone interested!
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    Saturday afternoon bump
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    If I was in the buyer's market right now this is one of the few autographed items I would purchase. That picture is just epic. Good luck man!
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    I'd hold on to this....$400 is a good deal and I believe you will regret it. Everyone needs a few bucks from time to time but I'd scale back on eating out or whatever else you spend cash on.

    Not trying to tell you what to do but I know people who have sold cool stuff through the years and they all have regrets

    Good luck
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    Sunday morning bump
  • very nice!
    it's largely due to eddie that i liked to jump off of things as a child...
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