*** EV Tour Dallas Fanviews Here 11/15/12 ***

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Eddie Vedder
Dallas Music Hall
Dallas, TX
Nov 15, 2012

Show Set List

01. Walking The Cow-(Daniel Johnston)
02. Brain Damage-(Waters)
03. Sometimes
04. Can’t Keep
05. Sleeping By Myself
06. Without You

(earlier in the show someone yelled “Dallas sucks”. Ed asks why they are starting off so negative. Presumedly the audience shouts “We love you Eddie but Dallas sucks”. Ed says he has no reason to think that is true, yet. He talks about playing Dallas several times in the early days. “We haven’t played here in ten years or so. I don’t know why, blame management I guess...they get 10% of the blame they get 10% of everything else.” He talks about how much fun they had playing Dallas in the earlier days and ask “why do you have to be so negative you Dallas hating motherfucker? I am sorry, I should say cocksucker. So what did your mother do?...No, no, I am gonna stop right there....” Ed starts to list some of the great people from Dallas, mostly sports figures. He also mentions Andy Wood of the band Mother Love Bone and dedicates the next song to him.)

07. Needle & The Damage Done-(Young) Dedicated To Andy Wood

(Ed calls the next song an appetizer for the song after it. But it “imparts a lot of wisdom. It is by Cat Stevens but I call him Yusuf)

08. Don’t Be Shy-(Yusuf Islam)
09. Elderly Woman Behind The Counter In A Small Town {Ed messes up/forgets lyrics part way through but gets back on track}

10. Far Behind
11. No Ceiling
12. Setting Forth

(Ed talks about the campfire on stage also making it warmer. He talks about smoking pot around the campfire. Someone in the audience shouts a request for “Oceans”. Ed says, “See what happens when people drink? They get loud and shout stuff. Get that guy a joint. You know for you people shouting song titles I don’t even listen to that until maybe the end of the show. I know what I am doing, guaranteed.”

13. Guaranteed

(Ed notes the building was built in 1925 and that it looks great. He says you probably can’t see it from the back but this is a mandolin. “The ukulele”, he says, “is a cheap date, the mandolin is an aristocratic bitch.”
“ This next song isn’t about yeast, It isn’t about Jesus, It isn’t about the relationship about yeast and Jesus or erections..” At this point a woman who has been screaming and whooping through the entire discussion/show whoops even louder. Ed says, “she must really love erections”. She whoops and agrees. Ed “who doesn’t love erections? She must have been really excited last week she thought it was erection day. She probably went into the booth and closed the curtains and ended up being disappointed.”)

14. Rise

(Ed ask Glen to come out. The same woman continues whooping and yelling. She shouts to Glen “I love your hat” . Ed says to Glen, “I should get off the subject but I think she likes it because it looks like an erection.” More screaming ensues. Finally Ed says “okay, I hear you..you are gonna have to settle down, I haven’t seen you yet and I am sure we could be friends. I can even take the high pitched yelling but I am afraid the two people behind you are going to murder you so please settle down, let’s start this relationship over.”)

15. Long NIghts w/ Glen Hansard
16. Driftin’

(more continuous shouts of “I love you Eddie”. Ed says, “whatta you want to hear? A sad song or a sad song?” general request shouting. Ed, “I could play them both. I am just going to San Antonio next so...I will just play this one.”)

17. Betterman
18. Immortality

(“alright, here is another quiet, singalong type...I am a lying motherfucker...)

19. Lukin
20. Porch

Encore Break 1

(Ed tells the crowd he doesn’t know what he is going to play. He asks the crowd what he should play. The audience shouts a bunch of stuff. Ed tells them they should have a representative. Ed singles out a person and says, “Just this guy..let’s see the sign. Pass the signs up, I can’t see them. He wants a Ramones song. That would be great if they were with me. He starts strumming “I Believe In Miracles” and talks about getting to know Johnny Ramone and bonding over baseball. He also talks about Johnny’s encyclopedic knowledge of music, especially early rock and roll. He lists some of the artists that Johnny introduced him to. He says that on the day Johnny died he gave Ed a game. Sort of a trivial pursuit about baseball, “...Johnny knew all the answers.” then he starts really playing the song.)

21. I Believe In Miracles-(Ramones, Rey)

(Ed picks up his electric guitar but it is out of tune. He asks for a new guitar. Some punter yells “can’t you tune your guitar?” Jokingly Ed yells “Fuck You” to the guy. His tech George yells “Yeah!” at the guy. Ed goes on, “This is going to make me sound like a jerk but I can afford to have a guy tune my guitar for me. I love tuning guitars but there is nothing more boring during a show than listening to a guy tune.”)

22. I Am A Patriot-(Van Zandt)

(“I could play you a Willie Nelson song except I don’t know how to play any of Willie’s songs. He plays one of mine though.”)

23. Just Breathe

(Ed talks about listening to the Willie version so much it is hard to play his own. He is just so happy that Willie covered his song. He shows the audience his Willie playing “Just Breathe” impersonation)

24. Unthought Known

(Ed’s friend, voice of The Cubs, Keith Moreland is at the show and brought a friend or family member that Ed wants to join him to sing a song he can’t play with Glen because “people might get the wrong idea. I am fine with that. Glen is a fine singer. Glen is fine. but I am worried what my wife and his girlfriend will think. Glen’s girlfriend is named Heddy. If I had met her first she might have been Heddy Vedder...)

25. Tonight, You Belong To Me w/ Courtney Ateyeh
26. Society w/ Glen Hansard-(Hannan)
27. Sleepless Nights w/ Glen-(Bryant, Bryant) [Busking style-no mics or PA]

(Ed compliments Courtney on being brave enough to come on stage and sing and doing a great job.)

28. Falling Slowly w/ Glen Hansard-(Hansard, Irglová)
29. Crazy Mary-(Williams)
30. The End
31. Rockin’ In The Free World-(Young) {Ed’s guitar cable unseats partially causing the instrument to crackle and break up briefly}

Encore Break 2

32. Hard Sun w/ Glen Hansard & Courtney Ateyeh

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Glen Hansard Set List
01. Leave
02. Pennies In The Fountain
03. Love, Don’t Leave Me Waiting
04. Maybe Not Tonight
05. This Gift
06. High Hope
07. Astral Weeks-(Van Morrison)/Smile-(Ament, Vedder) short tag
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  • Love the setlist...and WOW... Crazy Mary and I believe in Miracles! Would really love to hear either one (or both!) in Jacksonville!!! :D
    I'll ride the wave where it takes me...

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  • Just got home from the show. Friggin' awesome. Glen Hansard? is a really talented dude. Ed tore it up but the best ovations probably came from Porch and Crazy Mary. Overall, great show.
  • Crazy Mary..WOW.
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    oh boy...what a set!!thanks kat
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  • Who PrincessWho Princess out here in the fieldsPosts: 5,118
    Ed said they played Dallas 8 times between 91 and 93. Enjoyed hearing him talk about Trees and the Bronco Bowl.

    Great show, really had a good time. :mrgreen:
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    A great set list and an awesome performance! Highlights for me included hearing Walking the Cow, Lukin acoustic style, Crazy Mary?!!, and the no mic/PA thing was awesome, you could hear a pin drop during that.

    Got to meet Ed briefly after and got a handshake which was awesome, very pleasant and down to earth. Dude's got some soft hands!
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  • Eddie played immortality! What an amazing performance Vedder's voice was incredible.
  • pj8pj8 Posts: 330
    Incredible show!! Wow!! Everything went perfect. My seats were amazing, orchestra row O (or N I don't remember lol) dead center. Thank you ten club! The poster was amazing and they were selling Houston night 2 poster so I got that as well along with the awesome postcard. And am I leaving something out...oh yeah the music. I think the set list pretty much sums it up. My highlights were - Needle and the Damage Done, Small Town, Long Nights, Porch, I Believe In Miracles, Unthought Known, CRAZY MARY, Rockin'..., and of course Hard Sun. But every song was just so good. And I loved Eddie's stories. I really wish I could see him again this tour but I don't think it's gonna happen. But I'm just so glad I was able to witness such an incredible show. And Eddie was spot on. I think his voice has gotten better since about '09 because he hit just about all the notes without straining.
  • Awesome show. My first time seeing Eddie solo and I loved it. My highlights were I Believe in Miracles, Needle and the Damage Done, Crazy Mary, and Porch. Would love if Eddie did in a solo tour in Canada at some point in the future.
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    Looks like it was a great show, like the setlist
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  • Just waiting for the day the idiots stop yelling shit during the show....... :nono: You would think the fan club seating would not be the ones doing it. Anyone going to Memphis? hopefully not the girl in Dallas.
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    Ed is FIRE this tour!

    Another great set. Had to be a good show.
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  • Please release the boots from this tour!!! :D :D

    Would love to have heard Crazy Mary and Don't be Shy!! :clap:
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  • OpenOpen Posts: 792
    Great show! Loved Needle and Immortality. Ran into Brett Hull upstairs too!
  • groovemegrooveme Posts: 326
    Wow, what a great show! Ed's voice was phenomenal, and the format really highlights it.

    Too many great songs to really pick favorites, but Porch and Just Breathe (and the Willie-version impersonation) were awesome, loved hearing Unthought Known, and Hard Sun (crowd was on its feet at the end, and they let us stand right up against the stage, and Ed ran by and slapped hands with everyone (be still my heart). It really was incredible hearing the one song with no mic - you really could've heard a oin drop. Rise (not about yeast, Jesus, or erections, apparently) was also very well done, as were the songs with Hansard.

    I also enjoyed Ed talking about Trees and the Bronco Bowl (still miss it :cry: ), and defending Dallas! Thanks Ed!
  • leespjleespj Posts: 125
    Great show and set list. Gutted I left before Hard Sun. I should have known they would be back on based on hard sun hadn't been done yet and I witnessed them doing exactly that in Europe.
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  • What a fun show! Love that Eddie messed up the words to Small Town, but sang Lukin word for word, lol. I've seen Pearl Jam 9 or 10 times, but this was my first Eddie show. I will proudly wear my Eddie Vedder Dallas shirt as my wife and I tour around Dallas for the next week.
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  • Awesome show. Had row W fanclub tickets. THought we got a good setlist. loved Needle & The Damage Done, Immortality, I Believe In Miracles, Crazy Mary.
    Met Eddie after the show. cant wait for tulsa.
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    Crazy Mary and I Am A Patriot! It was such a wonderful show! :D
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  • 32-song setlist. wow. highlights for me were Needle, Immortality, sleepless nights (!!) and all the banter between songs. absolutely incredible how quiet it got during sleepless nights. low-lights were the two teenage girls sitting next to me talking and playing on their phones. they were eventually kicked out after one of the guys from the sound booth came down and berated them. Ed came out around 12:20 or so to shake hands 8-)
  • Great show. Crazy Mary and Immortality were amazing. As were all the duets with Glen. Met Ed after the show and told him couldnt wait to see him in Tulsa. He asked if there were any requests. I told him i was getting married Sat. and requested Can't Help Falling In Love. Heres to hoping he remembers. Great night.
  • This was my first Eddie solo show and it was oh-mazing (despite the people that routinely make me reconsider my position on the death penalty). Hard Sun being played at the end was perfect.
  • Here's my quick recap of the night on my blog. Excellent show!

    [photo link removed by Admin]

    and yes, I was the guy that gave Ed a hard time about his out of tune guitar before Patriot. Was all in good fun.
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  • Pry ToPry To Posts: 285
    RS146614" said:
    Here's my quick recap of the night on my blog. Excellent show!

    [photo link removed by Admin]

    and yes, I was the guy that gave Ed a hard time about his out of tune guitar before Patriot. Was all in good fun.

    Yelling shit at the artist in the middle of a show, violating their respectful request not to take photos, and posting them online. Awesome! What a fan!
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  • Pry To" said:
    [quote="RS146614"]Here's my quick recap of the night on my blog. Excellent show!

    [photo link removed by Admin]

    and yes, I was the guy that gave Ed a hard time about his out of tune guitar before Patriot. Was all in good fun.

    Yelling shit at the artist in the middle of a show, violating their respectful request not to take photos, and posting them online. Awesome! What a fan![/quote]
    OH SNAP! :corn:
  • dasvidanadasvidana Posts: 1,246
    Heddy Vedder made me lol
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  • Made the trip down from Washington state...I knew it was going to be worth it, but Crazy Mary and Glen Hansard signing my poster made it TOTALLY worth it!
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  • Architect and Builder" said:
    [quote="Pry To"][quote="RS146614"]Here's my quick recap of the night on my blog. Excellent show!

    [photo link removed by Admin]

    and yes, I was the guy that gave Ed a hard time about his out of tune guitar before Patriot. Was all in good fun.

    Yelling shit at the artist in the middle of a show, violating their respectful request not to take photos, and posting them online. Awesome! What a fan![/quote]
    OH SNAP! :corn:[/quote]

    Geeez, now I remember why I don't frequent this place much anymore. SOME of you people are so damn uptight. Its a freakin rock show, live a little. Eddie loves the crowd interaction, he plays it up each and every night, it's what makes each show unique. He heckled the fans back last night more than they heckled him, it was great.

    Didn't realize posting links to pic was a no-no, like I said I don't come around here much anymore. Regardless, I didn't take out my phone until Hard Sun, along with thousands of others in attendance cause that's the crescendo. Nothing wrong with taking home a personal momento of a great show. Completely agree with the no photos policy as its nice to not have to stare at people's arms in the air the entire night with their phones illuminated. But by the very end of the night it's obvious nobody cares...security, other fans, Eddie himself included.

    Great show, thanks Ed.
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  • A little behind in getting my thoughts on this show up here, I realize this probably will not get seen or read, just needed to write all this down.

    For everyone else that has already said it....WOW is right. I had been under the impression Ed's voice might not have been what it used to be, I stand corrected. His voice was about as good as it could be, hit all the notes, sounded really really solid and full. Dallas Music Hall is a great room and he really filled it.

    All of the crowd banter was great, especially when he started off with talking about how he feels about Dallas. It was like he was acknowledging the elephant in the room, and the crowd loved it too. Well played. Even the times he was giving people shit he never really seemed annoyed and it all came off as in good fun. He really knows how to tell someone to shut the F up while making it seen funny and not like he is being a jerk. When he told that screaming lady that the people behind her were going to murder her he said the coolest thing, something like, "I'm an old pro so I can handle it...." So true.

    In my section there were some drunk rednecks making some noise, but I could tell that some other sections had it worse. Overall didn't ruin my experience but man I felt bad for some other people. Overall I think it's just impossible to keep a room like that quiet, no matter where. However, during Sleepless Nights with Glen, no microphones, the crowd was absolutely perfect, I was waiting for that one squeal but it never came....perfect moment.

    Many goosebump and highlight moments throughout......

    Needle - My first time to hear this. He sounded like Neil without doing an impression, beautiful, nailed it, solid, really emotional. The soundtrack songs were great, loved the campfire on the stage.
    Immortality has a special place in my heart, really special to get to hear this.
    Crazy Mary - I consider myself pretty up to date on what he does/doesnt play, but for some reason I didn't think he had been doing this solo, so it was a big surprise and of course his voice soared during the bridge.
    'Patriot' - that bootleg of him doing this at some Nader rally years ago is really a special track for me despite the quality, really really one of my all time favorites, couldn't believe I got to hear it.
    'Rise & Long Nights' - My favorite of his solo tracks, these two rely on quiteness and dynamics as much as anything else and he really delivered them that way, with the perfect touch. I had wondered earlier that day if he has someone play the bass during Long Nights, that it would really be necessary to sound right, so I was really glad he had Glen out to handle that part.
    'Miracles' saw this at the Gorge 2005, didn't know it before then, one of my most listened to live tracks of all time though ever since. Not a big fan of Ramones covers but this is a huge exception, love it.
    'The End' a few weeks ago this song brought me to tears in my car (rare for me), so by this point I was sure Ed had created the setlist especially for me.
    Falling Slowly - They are so much more in tune now than they were when they first started doing this together. Harmony was perfect.
    'You Belong to Me' I'm convinced that on the day of a show he will drag any random female singer out on stage to do this song, and the results can be hit or miss, I've seen several misses (chick from Arcade Fire). So I was not too confident when he told the story of how he randomly found this one that day. You gotta be more than just a female singer to do this song, it takes that special voice (like Cat Power or Regina Spektor if I may). This chick actually had that voice, and she was bold, she was not afraid to belt it out. Harmony was not always in sync but I'm sure they rehearsed maybe twice that day.
    Porch - Ed loves banging the shit out of this one, and when he hits those muted strums its as loud as F (especially on songs with the electric), but man he turns into a full one man band on this, really carries a room and fills it up.

    Anyone else think that he may have been using the wrong guitars or something for Miracles and Unthought Known? Sounded like they weren't tuned right or he was hitting the wrong chords or something?

    Anyway...I know we all love Ed on here so this isn't saying much but damn, I am so impressed with how far he has come as a solo performer. Not just doing a few songs on a stool before a PJ gig or some other event, but being THE show for 2 and a half hours with no problem at all. He's a stud, he's special, he's one in a billion and thats why we love him. I've been strumming my guitar to PJ chords for the past couple of days just in awe of the dude's talent. I'm so glad he grew as a person so he could grow as an artist, just makes me thankful that he did things on his terms so he could preserve himself and evolve at his pace.

    My 10C tix were in the balcony, must admit I was quite disappointed, but it was impossible not to still be thrilled to be there. Was still blown away despite the seats. As a Dallasite/Texan I'm glad he came here while the weather is nice. Hope this Texas swing propels him to put us on the map for the next tour.
  • PJinILPJinIL Posts: 177
    Glen and "Panties" in the Fountain. He was a great showman...he and Ed do great things together, you can feel their bond when they do songs together. I've heard Falling Slowly by them several times now, and it's still great.

    Thanks 10c for the 10th row seating, near center. Best seats I've ever had for PJ or EV. His dialog about the Ramones was very touching. And 'The End', really got me. Maybe he put some magic on it, but I just started crying during that song. And Unthought Known, always a fav. Crazy Mary was a serious highlight.

    Oh, and Ed...the jig is up. That reel-to-reel. Not real. Well, yeah it's a real machine, but it's not doing anything. When he started Hard Sun, the tape started, music started then stopped. Did anyone else catch him hit a foot pedal to get the music back on :) Still a cool prop and throwback. Does anyone know, did he come out after the curtain drew and play that organ for a minute? I heard what sounded like it could've been, but couldn't get up to the stage to try and peek....
    It's amazing what you hear when you take time to listen.
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