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I know there was already a thread about King Animal, but I wanted to start a new one to really get the countdown/anticipation of things going here. Post ANY and I mean ANY SG news on the album here, from videos, to interviews, to reviews, whatever...

I really want to see a track by track review. Anyone know if there are any out there??? There was a podcast from this site metalhammer in the UK where the guy talks about a few of the songs which was cool and he said he was going to post a track by track review that day. However, like 3 days later...nothing. I'm dying to start reading about the songs and shit. I cannot wait for this fucking album.

And if anyone is curious, in that podcast the guy mentioned Bones of Birds saying it is easily one of the best songs they've ever written and cornell's vocals on it are outstanding. They said it's very spacey. They also said throughout the whole album his vocals are amazing. They mentioned Non-State Actor, saying it is very Queens of the Stone Age-ish with fuzz-riff guitars.... Black Saturday was mentioned as a great double acoustic interesting sounding song. However, they also said one song was kinda poppy that they didn't like, and they thought it was a few songs too many. Overall they said it was a great album though and a very strong come back.

This gets me very pumped. Too many songs? FUCK no! the more the better... I like all the little weird songs on Down On The Upside and shit... anyways, any news, especially track by track reviews...or just general discussion...bring it here!
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