I miss old Coldplay



  • Indifference71Indifference71 ChicagoPosts: 12,473
    I wasn't as down on their last couple albums as most seem to be (liked Viva La Vida and Mylo was OK), but man this new album is not good at all. I've listened a couple times now and there really aren't any songs that stand out to me at all. Yikes.
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  • The problem I have with Ghost Stories is that the lyrics feel lazy.
  • dustinparduedustinpardue Las Vegas, NVPosts: 1,796
    I don't miss any Coldplay. I have disliked every note I've ever heard. I only miss the days before they existed :)
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  • hrd2imgnhrd2imgn Southwest Burbs of ChicagoPosts: 3,956
    did something happen to the drummer causing them to get all this fucking drum machine crap?
    first 3 are stellar
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    Just collaborate with Calvin Harris and move on already.
  • MSnider44MSnider44 San DiegoPosts: 686
    hrd2imgn said:

    did something happen to the drummer causing them to get all this fucking drum machine crap?
    first 3 are stellar

    The first two albums are absolutely stellar: "Parachutes" and "A Rush Of Blood To The Head". No question, no argument, no doubts. A couple of the best two albums released in 1999 and 2002, and in the previous decade(s).

    Crazy how they almost had to go about their first album without their original drummer (Champion) because he coudn't quite cut it. I'm sure he's learned the skins more than well enough in recent times to keep up with his bandmates from his "not good" early years.

    Will Champion (drummer) was the last of the four band members to join the ensemble on 31 July 1997. He took up the position as drummer with no prior experience, but quickly adjusted to fill the role.

    In 1999, lead singer Chris Martin sacked Champion, but the band asked him to return soon after
    "It started when I had to ask forgiveness for sacking our drummer Will Champion ten years ago," Martin is quoted by the Daily Express as saying. "Three days later the rest of us were feeling miserable and we asked Will to meet me and our bassist Guy Berryman in Monkey Chews in Camden where we asked him to come back."

    But now it has been revealed it nearly wasn’t to be for the Hampshire student who went on to be one quarter of Coldplay. For drummer Will Champion, who was born and raised in Southampton, was sacked by his bandmates before they had even released a single. Talking about the 1998 incident for the first time, the group – whose hits include Clocks, Yellow and Violet Hill – have revealed they blamed their percussionist when they were told they would never make it big. “We got signed and went to a studio and we were doing OK but this producer we were working with told us we weren’t good enough, we weren’t technically good enough,” said singer Chris Martin. “What bands often do in that situation is blame the drummer for going out of time or whatever.

  • MSnider44MSnider44 San DiegoPosts: 686
    After watching Global Citizen Festival on MSNBC tonight, I need to re-visit this post. I can again comfortably say, I really, really miss old Coldplay. Parachutes and A Rush Of Blood To The Head will never be matched.
  • InHiding80InHiding80 Upland,CAPosts: 7,623
    Didn't even bother listening to their last one after several repeat listens. They've been crap ever since Martin started sucking the Radio Disney teet collaborating with Rihanna and praising Katy Perry. They've become the favorite band for people who hate distorted rock music.
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  • InHiding80InHiding80 Upland,CAPosts: 7,623
    MSnider44 said:

    Is their older stuff a lot different and actually good? I actually don't mind their more recent singles too much since my taste in music has expanded a lot.

    Consensus on this thread is that Rush is one of the best albums of the 2000's.

    Parachutes was the beginning of great indie rock, and thankfully the beginning of the end of boy band music.

    Ironically, Chris Martin is collaborating with that kind of crap today like Rihanna.
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  • given2fly23given2fly23 Evanston, ILPosts: 4,243
    For those of you who love Rush of Blood to the Head, check out Ghost Story (the song). It was a bonus song on the deluxe version of Ghost Stories and is simply incredible. Only song on the last several albums that even comes close to the greatness of the first two albums.
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  • elenelen Milan, ItalyPosts: 176
    Watching GCF I was relying my hopes on a new song, but unfortunately I found the one they played quite embarassing.
    The fact they had a duet with Ariana Grande says a lot about their new audience target.
    I truly miss old Coldplay too...
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  • HesCalledDyerHesCalledDyer MarylandPosts: 10,819
    I'll echo the words of almost everyone in this thread. Parachutes & ARoBttH are absolutely stellar. I even liked X & Y. It doesn't quite match the brilliance of the first two, but I still dug it. The last 3 albums though, ugh!!
  • eeriepadaveeeriepadave West Chester, PAPosts: 28,365
    new single, actually not too bad i think
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  • SuziemaySuziemay Posts: 11,054

    new single, actually not too bad i think

    Me no likey :( Too poppy. I'll always have a soft spot for Chris Martin, his performance with Stipe during the MSG Sandy benefit concert is one of the most endearing things I've ever seen but ughhh!
  • Love the new song. Let's sing about something other than your break up with Gwen, Chris! Man up and DANCE!!
  • samjamsamjam New YorkPosts: 9,280
    I'm digging the new song! I kept thinking 'this shouldn't work and be good, but it does and it is!' Definitely even better after a couple of listens, too.
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  • kasedougkasedoug The Golden StatePosts: 2,480
    I kind of fell off after Viva La Vida, although I did see one of the select performances behind Ghost Stories when it was released, so I'm looking forward to catching up with Coldplay. Got into their show this Friday in LA with KROQ radio & TIDAL. Treating a friend I met through the boards here so I'm excited about that.
  • This new song isn't even bad.

  • JWPearlJWPearl Posts: 19,893
    how come i dont hear this on the radio
    need to hear studio version before i say i like it or not
    number 6...
  • Fixer13Fixer13 Posts: 129
    I don't mind when my favorite bands evolve and create new style/sound over time...but, I can't get into where Coldplay is heading (wish i could!) I can play any of their first four albums, but lost interest with Ghost Stories. I'll keep an open mind, but this first track sounds very top 40'ish...
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  • kasedougkasedoug The Golden StatePosts: 2,480
    Here's the first three songs from last Friday's short stripped-down set at the Belasco (this YouTube user has a few of the other songs as well). Really enjoyed seeing the songs played in this setting. Headed back tonight for the rescheduled regular show.

  • This new song isn't even bad.

    This new song isn't even bad.

    So much fun! Love seeing a band having fun with music!
  • MSnider44MSnider44 San DiegoPosts: 686
    Coldplay's "Adventure Of A Lifetime" sounds like newer Foals to me. Love me some old Foals. Not so much new Foals, specifically "What Went Down".
  • darthvedderdarthvedder Posts: 1,573
    "There was a feeling that we don't have anything to lose. We're very comfortable now with the fact that we're not for everybody."

    "People who want us to be a rock band might be disappointed, but I don't think we really are a rock band."

    "If you're a Coldplay fan, you'll love it. And if you don't like us? Don't worry about it. It's OK."

    -Chris Martin in the latest issue of Rolling Stone
  • $250 for floor tickets. are they short of cash these days? maybe they should not have given that 1 cd they put out for free....
  • I saw them in Atlanta in 2002 on the rail. Elton John came out and played piano on Yellow. It was sublime. And it was a time when I thought Chris Martin was endearing. Now I find him and his music annoying. Guess we all have to grow up sometime. (Parachutes is still one of my fave albums, though)
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  • AceCoolAceCool TexasPosts: 452

    I don't miss any Coldplay. I have disliked every note I've ever heard. I only miss the days before they existed :)

    Fuckin' A! Couldn't have said it any better, myself.

    I must have pissed off some karmic fairies in the universe somewhere because my 10 year old's teacher turned him onto different music in school last year and now one of his favorite bands is Coldplay (he also loves Imagine Dragons and 21 Pilots...I'm in hell). I worked so hard for years to turn him onto real rock and roll and in one fell swoop it was all gone.
  • SuziemaySuziemay Posts: 11,054

    I saw them in Atlanta in 2002 on the rail. Elton John came out and played piano on Yellow. It was sublime. And it was a time when I thought Chris Martin was endearing. Now I find him and his music annoying. Guess we all have to grow up sometime. (Parachutes is still one of my fave albums, though)

    I still find Chris Martin endearing, but mostly when he's on stage with other musicians and not when he's with Coldplay. Their newer stuff makes me cringe. I do love Parachutes, and I love his enthusiasm for music and many of the musicians that I love. I mean, the dude was basically Ed's backing musician for Global Citizen, when in fact his name came before Ed's in the billing. I think that was mighty humble of him. And he got Michael Stipe to come out of retirement to sing at the Sandy benefit:

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